Thomas Preece

Our fully qualified level 5 soft tissue therapist, with a a passion for how the body works and how it should move he is ideally placed to help you.

Thomas has huge interest and motivation for what he does, he doesn’t just want to treat an injury, he wants to treat the person as a whole. This is what people need, whether they suffering with poor posture from working in a home office (And all the issues that can cause) or a professional athlete that is looking for that extra little bit

A passionate sportsman that has always had a keen interest in helping people. With his expertise and knowledge, you can be assured that you are in good hands.

Early Stages

I have always had an interest in the human body which stems from the passion and happiness I can see in my mum who is a chiropractor. My real interest started when I picked up injuries playing football, and learning how to tape my ankle to give me the support I needed to continuing enjoying the sport

Career Start

After completing my  level 5 in soft Tissue therapy at the London School of Sports Massage I dived straight into the family business and started practicing with the support of the experienced therapists that work within the clinic, also helped out those with aches, pains and injury after completing the 2022 London marathon.

My patients all have one thing in common,
a desire to feel better

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